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We moved to the Belleville area in 2014 from downtown Toronto and have loved the change of pace and the quality of life we now enjoy here. No more lengthy commute means much more time spent together!

After many years home with our kids, it has been incredibly rewarding to build a career that balances well with our family life. 

Outside of the office I enjoy many outdoor activities with my husband, our children, and our dog - paddleboarding, skiing, hiking, swimming. 


I am also passionate about getting involved in the community and volunteer regularly for different projects with The United Way, and work closely with the GoodLife Kids Foundation for event planning and fundraising initiatives in our region. 

My Approach

I grew up in a family of successful Financial Advisors, and after many years of educating people in my life about the importance of sufficient Life Insurance coverage, I realized that I too have a passion for Financial Planning...

After careful research, I aligned with Freedom 55 in the Fall of 2019 after completing Industry studies and licensing. I found Freedom's process and priorities complimented my own personal values well, and I have enjoyed growing with the company ever since. 

After seeing the difference it can make firsthand, I am passionate about making sure people are protected against events that can be a set back to reaching their financial goals.

Working with families and individuals, I help them build for their future with these two principles in mind:

1. A financial plan is only as strong as the foundation it is built on. The best foundation is one that protects you against the things that can go wrong and have the ability to bring your plan crumbling to the ground in an instant. This is why emphasis needs to be placed on risk-mitigation as the building block upon which everything else stands.

2. It is just as important for YOU to understand your financial plan as is it for me understand it. Too often Advisors get caught up in the jargon of our industry and end up leaving clients with more questions than answers. It’s really important for me that we move through your plan and toward your goals with us both having a clear understanding of the “how” and the “why” behind them.

Want to learn more about my process and how it aligns with your financial journey? Lets chat!

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